Why Brands Need To Embrace Online Marketing During This Time

by Business Watch Team
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Any business that is still “thinking” whether to “go online” or not is still living in the stone age and should not be in the “business of running a business” in the first place.

If there is a time that businesses need to be online is now. Anything in the contrary should be null and void. Any business that wants to sail through Covid-19 should be online.

With Covid-19, over 60 percent of people around the world are staying and working from home. This means that many people around the world have more time at their disposal than it was during the pre-Covid period.

In Kenya, for instance, uptake of data bundles has been on the increase like never before. Safaricom said that subscription to data bundles were up by more than 200 percent while for Telkom by more than 60 percent. What does this show? People are increasingly online.

With more people online and working from their homes, it is time for brands to “show themselves” to the people through “well-packaged” messages that will appeal to people for them to “click and find out more.”

“Currently, any business that is offline might never recover. It is shocking that some businesses are busy looking for customers offline while customers are busy looking for products and services online,” says Eunice Waitherero, a businesswoman in Thika town.

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