Why Does Kenya Need Jikokoa From Burn?

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Our forest cover has been dwindling over years. The rate at which forests are being cleared from the face of Kenya is worrying and with time, we shall look back and say, “We should have done something.”

The forest sector in Kenya contributes about Kenya Shillings 7 billion to the economy and employs over 50,000 people directly and another 300,000 indirectly.

At the same time, forest ecosystems enhance landscape resilience to climate change.

A team from BURN Manufacturing taking part in a tree-planting exercise

In the country’s water towers, forests provide environmental services that include water quality and quantity, reduction of soil erosion, and creation of micro-climatic conditions that maintain or improve productivity.

Cooking by use of firewood is one way that has been contributing to the cutting down of trees across the country. The government had dreams to have every household own an LPG gas cylinder only for the same government to increase the price of the same. An LPG is now a luxury.

Many Kenyans, therefore, for lack of a better alternative, use firewood to cook through the old antiquated three-stoned form of cooking.

6.2 million households in Kenya depend on one mode of cooking. The Association says that 80 percent of the households that depend only on one mode of cooking depend solely on either charcoal or firewood.

Most Kenyan households use charcoal or firewood to cook.

According to the “The State of Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services” report, 71 percent of households in Kenya still use a type of wood stove as either their primary or secondary cookstove, with a greater prevalence of 92 percent in the rural areas.

The report also noted that 5.5 million households own at least one charcoal stove with 1.3 million (10.3 percent) reporting using a type of charcoal stove as their primary cooking solution.

The coming of Jikokoa from BURN Manufacturing was tailored towards empowering communities and protecting the trees across the country. Despite the fact that the stove still uses charcoal, the amount of charcoal that is used is too little compared to a traditional one.

Jikokoa is one of the best energy-saving jiko in Kenya

One great thing about Jikokoa is that it uses little fuel. This means that a household spends less on fuel than it does when using a normal metallic jiko. The Jiko, also, produces a lot of heat which means it cooks faster and within a short time.

Smoke is bad for health. It is the main cause of death among kids under the age of 5 due to respiratory diseases. Jikokoa has little to no smoke. This leaves the family healthy and the house clean.


New Jikokoa packaging

Jikokoa is readily available. It is found in major supermarkets across the country and can also be purchased either through the BURN website or from other platforms such as Jumia. When ordered online, it is delivered at no extra cost.

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