Why You Need Jikokoa For Your Daily Cooking

by Business Watch Team

As the world marked the World Environment Day, with millions of people taking part in the planting of trees, I was busy thinking on how and why we need to save the planet.

The truth is, we need the earth more than it needs. But we seem not to be aware of that. We are busy destroying the earth as if we have another planet to live in.

Planting trees is one way to protect the earth. But what is the point of planting one tree and cutting four because of firewood or charcoal?

Over 60 percent of households in Kenya use either firewood or charcoal to cook and heat. With the price of gas expected to go up by 20 percent in July 2021, more people are likely to go back to using charcoal and firewood.

Saying that the use of charcoal can be eliminated is living a lie. Finding ways to minimize the use of charcoal is the way to go.

I have taken time to look at Jikokoa that is manufactured by BURN Manufacturing. (By the way, in case you did not know, 60 percent of employees at this company are women).

Now, Jikokoa is an energy-saving jiko that has been designed with the expertise that makes sure that the planet is protected against poisonous gases, and trees are secured by using less charcoal.

Why do you need this jiko?

First, it is affordable. Currently, the price is at 1200 shillings less. With 3,290 you are able to walk home with your Jiko. Compared to buying an LPG, Jikokoa is the real deal.

Second, it produces more heat and no smoke. With more heat, it cooks faster, the same results an LPG will give you. With no smoke, your utensils and walls will always be smart and clean.

Third, it uses less charcoal. This helps you save on the cash you would use in purchase of fuel for ordinary jikos. It also helps cut down on the number of trees across the country.

Fourth, delivery is free. The jiko can be purchased online through platforms such as Jumia and can be delivered across the country.

So far, BURN Manufacturing has sold more than 1,000,000 stoves that have been tested and found to be great and fit for Kenyans.

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